Master’s in Marketing

An online master’s degree in Marketing teaches students with the skills to guide employees in developing a marketing strategy for a product or service.  A business can sell a useful product, but consumers will not purchase it unless they know about it.

Why Pursue a Master’s Degree in Marketing?

Many individuals seek a master’s degree in Marketing to advance to a marketing manager role. Most Fortune 500 companies require their marketing managers to hold at least a master’s degree, however not all companies require this level of education. Others choose to pursue a traditional or online master’s degree in Marketing because of the potential salary boost. The U.S. Census Bureau cites that the average person who holds a master’s degree earns (on average) an additional $13,000 per year more than bachelor’s degree graduates.

How do I Qualify for a Master’s Degree in Marketing?

In order to pursue a master’s degree in Marketing, a student must possess a bachelor’s degree. While that bachelor’s degree does not need to be in Marketing, it is usually helpful to possess an undergraduate degree in a similar field, like communications, journalism, business or liberal arts, which mandate a certain proficiency in writing; analysis; and face-to-face interaction or sharing of ideas. This is not to say that master’s programs in Marketing will not accept persons from disparate undergraduate fields, as long as a person has a proven track record or experience that is applicable to communication and/or marketing. Additionally, an online  master’s degree candidate will often need to submit GRE or even GMAT test scores in order to qualify for admission.

What’s the Time to Completion?

Typically, completing a master’s degree in marketing takes about two years. However, because persons pursuing their master’s degree in marketing often work full-time while completing their degree, many programs offer night or online courses that students can squeeze in to their already-busy schedules. This means that the length of the program often coincides with a student’s availability. Some students are even able to complete their master’s in marketing in less than two years.

What Courses Can I Expect to Take in this Program?

The course load and selection for master’s degrees in Marketing can vary, depending on certain schools’ concentrations and strengths, but there are some classes that every graduate will take. Some of these include campaign management, competitive strategy, leadership, principles of design, corporate communications, product development, and financial concepts. Some master’s degrees in marketing are very specialized; programs offered in the U.S. include a master’s in integrated marketing, internet marketing, marketing research, visual communications, public relations, and more.

What is my Employment Outlook after I Graduate from this Program?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), careers in marketing are projected to grow in the next ten years. The position of market research analyst, while available as an entry-level position to persons with bachelor’s degrees in marketing, is likely now to mandate, at least for eligible promotion, a master’s degree in marketing. The BLS projects that the median pay of a market research analyst hovers around $60,000 a year. Positions in the field of market research are expected to grow by over 41 percent by 2020, meaning the outlook for jobs is very good. Similarly, management positions in marketing are also expected to grow in the coming years, profiting those who graduate from master’s Marketing programs.


Master-level Marketing Degrees

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MBA - Marketing
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Master of Science in International Marketing Management
Colorado Technical University
Master of Business Administration - Marketing
Grand Canyon University
M.B.A.: Marketing
Kaplan University
MBA - Marketing
Liberty University Online
Master of Business Administration - Public Relations
Post University
Master of Business Administration / Marketing
Saint Leo University Online
Master of Business Administration: Marketing
Strayer University
Master of Science in Management - Marketing Management Concentration
Strayer University
MBA: Marketing
Walden University
Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) - Marketing