Marketing Degree Levels

Each student has different professional goals and personal scenarios – so thankfully there are Marketing degree levels that fit every individual’s needs. There are five primary Marketing levels in postsecondary education:

Time to Completion by Marketing Level


Associate’s degree: An associate’s degree in Marketing takes around two years to complete. Here, students will learn very basic marketing principals and strategies.



Bachelor’s degree: A Marketing bachelor’s degree can usually be earned in three to four years, depending on credit load. Bachelor’s Marketing degree students will obtain a breath of marketing knowledge and business fundamentals.



Master’s degree: A master’s degree in Marketing can be earned in two years or less after completing a bachelor’s program, and will go even more in-depth on strategy, practices, and theory. Through this high-level program, students are able to specialize in areas like marketing research, public relations, and marketing leadership.



Doctoral degree: Doctorate programs take a little longer, usually four to six years, and require at least a bachelor’s degree-though a master’s degree is a more common requirement.


Options are Yours for the Taking

Luckily, students these days have a variety of options to choose from. If you are seeking a basic, entry-level job then an associate’s degree will suffice. If you are looking to advance through the ranks of a business organization, then a bachelor’s or master’s degree in Marketing is in order. If you are looking to work in academia as a Marketing professor, then a Doctorate in Marketing is essential.

Because of the complexity of this field, most practitioners hold at least an associate’s degree in Marketing. In very few cases, work experience can be substituted for a degree. However, it can be difficult to get your foot in the door without higher education. Plus, a higher level degree in Marketing can lead to higher paying jobs with more responsibility.

A Marketing degree at any level affords individuals to work in a setting where you are constantly expanding your mind through creative thought process, critical thinking, team collaboration, and so much more. It’s no wonder why The College Solution reported that Marketing majors were within the top 20 most popular majors in America.