Linking Policy

Linking Policy links to websites that provide useful and relevant information. We do not engage in paid linking, but do consider linking to relevant websites that will provide value for our visitors. If you copy any material from our website, please attribute us as the primary source. You can do this by linking to our homepage or the exact page where you found the information.

Featured Links features links, information, and services based on one or more of the following highly desirable criteria:

  • The website provides visitors with information about marketing degrees and their experience as a marketing professional
  • The college/university featured is part of college network

School Logos

If you utilize the school logos or images from our website on your website, link back to us as the source for the image.


We don’t buy or sell links, so please don’t ask.

Reciprocal Links

If you think your site would add value for our visitors, you may ask us for a link. We will do the same thing when we think our site adds value to another website’s visitor experience.

Prohibitions won’t link to any website that exhibits bias, discrimination, misleading or specific agendas.