Marketing Degree Specializations


Marketing is a complex area that requires intensive studying in particular areas. There are various types of Marketing degrees available to college students. All degrees will define “What is Marketing?” but as you choose to pursue specific specializations, coursework will become more targeted to specific marketing tactics, practices, and specializations.

Any type of marketing can be applied to almost every occupational field. Whether you are looking for entry or advancement in ad or PR agencies, market research firm, or sales and marketing departments, you can choose from different types of marketing specializations.


What Degree is Right For You?


The most common path for a Marketing degree student is a basic Marketing degree. A Marketing degree will give you fundamental business, marketing strategy, and marketing theory knowledge so you can enter a broad range of career specializations. You will learn detailed answers to “What is marketing” plus basics on how to successfully promote a business.


Internet Marketing

The Internet has become a vast global community and advertising medium all in the same, bringing opportunity for trained and talented Internet Marketers to make an impact on a company’s bottom line. An Internet Marketing degree is a fairly new specialization, but it will only grow in popularity to meet the demands of the some 2 billion Internet users worldwide.


Sales Marketing

Unlike Internet Marketing, Sales and Marketing professions have been around for centuries. An online Sales and Marketing degree will prepare individuals to stay on the pulse of marketing and sales trends, while learning tactics to get customers to convert into “users” of your product or service. Every small business, Fortune 500 corporation, non-profit organization, and government agency needs a sales and marketing team to build brand awareness and expand a customer base.


Marketing Management

As a Marketing Management degree online student, you’ll learn how to create and implement marketing strategies and gain a strong understanding of what marketing entails—from advertising and consumer behavior to sales and research. Having a healthy balance between understanding the consumer and effectively leading a team of employees is the key to this role – and a Marketing Management degree will train students for this balance of responsibilities.


Public Relations

A form of marketing, public relations is crucial to a company’s overall marketing mix. A public relations professional can work with the media to secure favorable stories about a product or service, while engaging with customers through social media. Graduates of this program will become experts in gauging and interpreting public opinion that may impact an organization, planning and implementing the organization’s efforts to influence or change public image, counseling management about policy decisions, courses of action and communication, and more.