Top 15 Marketing Blogs to Read Over Holiday Break

The holidays are almost here. You’ve got several weeks off from classes, studying, online seminars, and exercising your brain. You can relax now. But should you?

After all, the holidays brings about a time for socializing, and who knows? You may end up talking to a friend of a friend who just may be a high-ranking marketing pro with an eye for young talent. Impressing with insights about current news could lead to a future internship or even a job offer after graduation.

As a student with aspirations in achieving a marketing degree, it’s important to keep up with what’s current in your field. Sure, you’ve got family and friends to catch up with over the holidays, but it’s also wise to keep one eye peeled to stay up-to-speed on marketing industry knowledge.

Industry news sites and marketing-focused blogs have replaced newspapers and printed industry contact directories for college students seeking industry information. If you’re in marketing, or aspiring to be, you should be checking blogs covering content marketing, consumer behavior, search, tech, consumer blogs and industry sites. If you work in marketing for a company, you should be checking your company’s social media feeds as well.

So let’s take a look at the top marketing news sites, blogs, tip sheets and insider forums to help you keep tabs over the holidays.

Overall Marketing Sites

Advertising, marketing and digital platform Advertising Age offers up its Power 150 daily to readers to gauge the strength of the overall marketing industry’s blogs and thought leaders. A recent tabulation for the top 10 marketing blogs from the Power 150 recently showed:

10. Brian Solis

9. I Believe in Adv

8. Search Engine Land

7. Social Media Examiner

6. Seth’s Blog

5. Copyblogger

4. ShoeMoney

3. Chris Brogan


1. Ads of the World

Digital Marketing Sites

There are of course many news sites and blogs dedicated to trends and insights in social media, digital advertising, search marketing, content marketing SEO tactics and more. Search Engine Journal has a super shortlist of some of the best articles posted in early 2012 to track in all these areas.

Here’s a sampling of some of the wisdom you can tuck under your Santa cap this holiday break:

Business Marketing Sites

Business marketing sites Forbes and Fortune offer great insights for the practicing marketer or even soon-to-be marketer. Here’s a sampling of some of the top business marketing blogs, where you’ll find basic marketing practices and key inspirational insights from marketing professionals on a daily basis:

Have fun this holiday season, but stay active in your marketing reads as well. Use this list above to increase your knowledge of marketing blogs on your way to getting your marketing degree.