Making the Sale: Sales & Marketing Tips

As a Sales and Marketing degree grad, or even seasoned salesperson know this: when you’re trying to make a sale, you have to keep in mind that not every customer is going to be falling to their knees and begging you to take their money. You have to make a concerted effort to have the right attitude and approach when calling a potential customer. You are not just selling a product or service, you are selling yourself, and a customer is much more likely to buy something they want or need from somebody who is friendly and helpful than someone who has the wrong attitude. The customer could need some persuading – not everybody says “yes” right away – but injecting some personality into your pitch will make you far more likely to succeed. The worst that somebody can say is no, so make sure you put your best case forward when calling the customer and you could find yourself the proud owner of a great sale.

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Reasons Why A Customer Won’t Buy

  1. Attitude of a company employee
  2. Dissatisfaction with a product
  3. Lured away by competition
  4. Persuaded by a friend to go somewhere else
  5. Customer moved away

Why Customers Will Buy

  1. Product met their needs
  2. Good savings/deal
  3. Impressed with product quality
  4. Company has good reputation
  5. Liked the salesperson

Infographic courtesy of Precept Sales Coaching