How to Obtain Financial Aid as a Marketing Degree Student

College tuition continues to rise and tuition costs are one of the most challenging hurdles to overcome when you’re trying to get an education. Fortunately, there are a number of grants and scholarships available that are specific to a particular major and these can help ease the financial burden a college degree entails. If you’re a marketing major or if you plan to become one, you probably already know the importance of marketing yourself and presenting yourself well to those around you. Those skills are vital when applying for marketing grants and scholarships because each has a considerable amount of competition. The first step in obtaining financial aid for your marketing degree is to know the options available to you so you know where to apply.

The Adelante! Fund offers a MillerCoors Brewing Company Scholarship every year that pays between $1000 and $3000 for each recipient. The scholarship is for Latino students only in their junior or senior year in college with a GPA of 3.0 or higher. You must be majoring in Marketing or a related field like Business or Public Relations. You also must participate in Adelante’s Annual Leadership Institute to be considered. The application period runs from February 1st to May 1st each year.

PPEF scholarships are designated exclusively to employees of the promotional product industry and their children. The Four-Year College Scholarship for Academic Excellence and Achievement Scholarship pays $1000 a year for four years, giving the recipient $4000 total over the course of a college career. The scholarship is awarded to high school seniors or graduates who will be attending an accredited four-year university in the fall, meaning that community college students are not eligible. A minimum high school GPA of 3.0 is also required and the student must either be a marketing or advertising major or express the intent to become one.

The Chairman’s College Scholarship is another PPEF scholarship and while the entry requirements are the same, the scholarship pays $5000 in two $2500 increments, meaning the scholarship is paid out over two years instead of four.

The Lagrant Foundation provides 15 different scholarships to marketing, advertising, or PR degree majors each year. Both undergraduate and graduate minority students are eligible for the funds. The students must be citizens of the United States and carry a full-time student status of 12 credits or more at a 4-year accredited university. All applications must be typed and not handwritten to be considered. A minimum 2.75 GPA is also required to apply.

There are numerous local scholarships in each state that apply to specific colleges in the region so call around to universities near you to see if they know of any scholarships unique to their school or township that is open to marketing majors. You also greatly increase your chances of success in any scholarship hunt by maintaining the highest high school GPA as possible. Donating time to charitable causes also helps separate you from other applicants. Get letters of recommendation from your teachers if possible, especially those that teach in field relevant to your field. Business or psychology are two examples.

Scholarship submissions are competitions because there are always more applicants than there are funds available. Use your marketing skills and ambitions to set yourself apart from those around you to maximize your chances of having a lower tuition bill next year.