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Top CMOs of 2012

Today’s Top Chief Marketing Officers, or CMOs, are results-driven leaders with both public and employee-wide recognition. Executive compensation is an important factor for any company officer.  However, without the marketing results or the bottom line improvements these companies’ employees would not be there for long.  How does the new and improved market for consumer goods stay on top of this wonderland of an economic storm?  With so many ways to fail after the 911 debacle, some of today’s marketing officers have succeeded.  So how did they do it?

With the current consumer markets either in free fall or in sudden up tick, today’s marketing executive needs to be a stellar juggler but also somewhat of a soothsayer.  The following five CMOs have ridden the pipeline and are now on the other side of the ride:

1)  Albert Pimentel of Seagate is the marketing officer for this manufacturer of hard drives.  He is paid a significant compensation that consists of base salary, stock options, and other valuable additions.

2)  Steven Chambers of Nuance is the drive behind the marketing program with this software technologies group.  Having a lead in the war on communications is bringing this executive to one of the front positions in this list.

3)  Anne Martin-Vachon is the marketing officer for Nordstrom upscale department stores.  The prominent vision of this store chain has led the way for other department chains to follow, and most notably acquired flash site, Hautelook.

4)  Annie Young-Scrivner is the brains behind the sweeping success of Starbucks presence in today’s consumer market.  This upscale coffee shop chain has redefined the word coffee – and she has been a main contributor to recent success.

5)  Nicholas Utton of E-Trade has developed an online presence for stock trading like none other.  This online securities trading platform at least brings an element of promise to all those business-types who would like to have more input into their investment portfolios.


Successful Strategies for the Profit-Challenged

In today’s economic landscape, the business owner is often looking at an uphill battle even to stay afloat.  So how do these marketing executives for Seagate, Nuance, Nordstrom, Starbucks, and E-Trade make a great profit?

1)  It seems that most of these five companies have a large media and online presence.  Seagate, Nuance, and E-Trade are all internet or technology-based companies, as far as their products are concerned.  Keeping up with the mass changes in communication seems to be critical for these companies’ bottom line or overall economic health.

2)  Nordstrom, Starbucks, and E-Trade are all household brands. It seems that through mass media, these brands have remained on top and at every consumer’s fingertips. Nordstrom is online over and over with its online store and catalog business. Mass media presence and popularity come to mind when the names of these companies are mentioned.  For example, Starbucks and E-Trade seem to be the next greatest thing to do for the pop culture crowd or popular crowd.

3)  Youth-driven seems to be the goal of these five companies. The next greatest thing is branded and marketed to the youth of today’s society. Think Starbucks, for example, and right away a trendy and student- oriented brand comes to mind.  This coffee shop is creating a place for the youth of the community to gather.  Also, the new and upcoming executive crowd seems to be meeting around this kind of marketing idea.

Where is the Next Generation Going?

Within the marketing programs of the twenty-first century, there lies the answer to many of the economic woes of today’s business landscape.  How these problems are turned into answers is the direction to take.  Many of the current economy’s great minds will tell you that a problem is just an avenue to a great answer.  It seems that each of these marketing executives have done just that.  Here is the insurmountable problem.  Now how is this company going to solve it and make it a step in the right direction?  Answering this question very well will gain the budding marketing executive a place on a successful marketing team.