Bachelor’s in Marketing

What is a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing?

An online bachelor’s degree in Marketing is a perfect baseline qualification for those who wish to pursue a career in advertising, public relations, marketing, and/or sales. Nowadays, most high-esteemed positions in successful, effective businesses demand that their employees possess a bachelor’s degree or higher. While programs vary, students studying for their bachelor’s degree in Marketing typically learn things like how to identify product demand and market segments; how to create and carry out advertising campaigns; and how to manage a brand through research and strategic methods.

A bachelor-level Marketing degree graduate can advance to multiple areas in the workforce. Here are some possible career avenues:

  • Advertising account executive
  • Copywriter
  • Marketing specialist or coordinator
  • Special events manager
  • Public relations specialist
  • Sales and marketing coordinator

What are the Qualifications?

In order to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Marketing, a student must possess a high school diploma or GED equivalency. Additionally, prospective students will usually need to submit standardized test scores: either the ACT or the SAT. Since a bachelor’s degree is not an advanced degree, students do not typically need to possess many other qualifying factors or field experience. However, degree programs may demand that a student attain and maintain a certain grade point average to pursue their Marketing bachelor’s degree, or that a student in courses participates in an internship or work program to gain real-world experience prior to graduation.

What is the Time to Completion for an Online Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing?

Typically, completing an online bachelor’s degree in Marketing takes approximately four years. However, many programs can be flexible to a student’s schedule and needs, depending if you are currently working full time or raising a family. Most of these flexible bachelor’s degree programs offer night classes or online classes, or even a part-time schedule, giving students the potential—if truly serious about their studies—to earn your degree in four years, no matter what else is going on in their life. By the same token, some programs allow their students more time to complete their bachelor’s degree so that they may pursue courses at times more convenient to their busy schedule.

What Courses Can I Expect to Take in this Program?

The course load and selection for bachelor’s degrees in Marketing can vary depending on certain schools’ concentrations and strengths, but there are some classes that every graduate will take. These often include market research, copywriting, speech communication, principles of management, financial accounting, marketing behavior, crisis communication, and persuasive strategy development. Bachelor’s degree programs in Marketing also typically allow concentrations or certificates, giving students the skills to succeed in more specific areas of the marketing field like internet marketing, public relations, global marketing, product distribution, and more.

Plus, all of the above courses are available online, so you can skip the hassle of commuting to a college campus. Course material, assignments, presentations, and peer/ instructor interaction all takes place in one central location.

What is my Employment Outlook after I Graduate from this Program?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, persons with a bachelor’s degree in any field are much more likely to be employed than those with only associate’s degrees or a high school diploma. Additionally, persons with a bachelor’s degree make on average about $10,000 more annually than those who do not have a four-year undergraduate degree. Within the marketing field, the need for marketing managers—a position attainable by a person with a bachelor’s degree in marketing after several years of successful experience in a more entry-level job—is projected to increase over the next ten years.


Bachelor-level Marketing Degrees

American InterContinental University
Bachelor's (BBA) - Marketing
Ashford University
Colorado Technical University
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration - Marketing
Grand Canyon University
B.S. in Marketing
International Academy of Design and Technology
Bachelor of Science in Internet Marketing
Kaplan University
BSBA - Marketing
Kaplan University
BSBA - New Media/Internet Marketing
Kaplan University
BSIT/Applied Technology Track - New Media/Internet Marketing
Post University
B.S. in Business Administration / Marketing
Post University
B.S. in Marketing
Rasmussen College
Business Management Bachelor's - Internet Marketing
Strayer University
Bachelor of Business Administration: Marketing
University of Phoenix
Bachelor of Science in Business - Marketing
Walden University
Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Business Administration - Marketing
Walden University
Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Communication - Public Relations
WGU Indiana
B.S. in Marketing Management