Associate’s in Marketing

What Is an Associate’s Degree in Marketing?

An associate’s degree in Marketing online helps introduce students to the basics of a career in marketing. Associate’s programs often supply students with the skills to enact planning and strategy operations and/or to create marketing materials. While programs vary, students typically learn things like how to assist marketing departments with campaigns; project management for marketing departments; and/or financial basics and accounting in the field.

Associate’s Marketing degrees are available to those who want a flexible and relatively quick-to-complete program. Online courses make obtaining a college degree flexible and convenient if you are already busy. Each night, you will sign into your online school portal to access assignments, digital readings, chatrooms, video, and other interactive learning material. Here, you can also virtually converse with your online instructor.

How do Qualify for an Associate’s Degree in Marketing?

All higher education programs mandate that a student must possess a high school diploma or a GED equivalency. Additionally, prospective students will usually need to submit standardized test scores: either the ACT or the SAT. Beyond these requirements, an associate’s degree does not usually demand any other qualifying courses or experience. A degree seeker in marketing should possess the ability to communicate well with a wide range of people, the ability to see the larger picture (while still being able to discern small details and possessing strong editing skills), and the ability to stay calm in fast-paced, front-facing work situations. If you have questions about your qualifications for a specific associate’s degree program, don’t be afraid to contact the prospective school’s guidance counselors, teachers, and/or admissions officials so you can better understand what would be expected of you as a student.

How Fast Can I Complete This Program?

Typically, completing an associate’s degree in Marketing online takes about two years. However, many programs can be flexible to a student’s schedule and needs, depending if you are currently working full time or raising a family. Most of these flexible associate’s degree programs offer night classes or online classes, or even a part-time schedule, meaning a student could potentially earn their degree in as quick as 1.5 years. By the same token, a student could push through the work more slowly, when he or she has more time to focus and prioritize an associate’s degree program.

What Courses Can I Expect to Take in this Program?

The course load and selection for an online associate’s degrees in Marketing can vary depending on certain schools’ concentrations and strengths, but there are some classes that every graduate will take. These often include advertising strategy, macro and micro economics, retail tactics, introduction to market research, accounting 101, and introductory business courses. While associate’s degrees are normally less specialized, a student can always choose electives that will help guide them toward a specific career.

What is my Employment Outlook after I Graduate from this Program?

According to the 2011 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), persons who have earned an associate’s degree in their field are much more likely to be employed during this tumultuous economic climate than persons who simply possess a high school diploma. An associate’s degree in marketing typically qualifies persons for positions like assistantships in marketing departments, or entry-level marketing support positions. According to BLS, the need for these kinds of workers is projected to grow in the coming decade.


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